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"I purchased an Executive Elevator gift certificate for a friend's birthday present, and he loved it! Great gift idea...it was a very positive (and effective) experience all around!"
Stacey G.
Marketing manager, Minneapolis, MN

"Being in the position of hiring consultants, I review many resumes. When it came time to update my own, holding up an average resume compared to what Executive Elevator did for me is like comparing night and day. They listened to what I had to say and crafted a great new document that positions my experience well and guides the reader to all the pertinent points. I couldn't be happier!"
Evan D.
Fashion industry executive, New York City, NY

"I needed to renegotiate my employment contract with my Board of Directors and was looking for some feedback and guidance. After taking the time to listen and understand all of the moving pieces within both the organization and industry, Executive Elevator helped me create a 'discussion document' that really impressed the Board, enabling me to better leverage the value I bring to the organization. They stepped in, saved me time, turned the document around in record time, and made the process smooth. Great partnership!"
Denise S.
Executive Director, Minneapolis, MN

"I was interested in better 'marketing' myself to different agents and teams, and Executive Elevator was a huge help. Their game plan included a series of attention-grabbing communications that helped showcase my abilities, position me as a leader on and off the court, and separate me from the pack. I've been very pleased with the results!"
Michael W.
Professional basketball player, Closter, NJ

"Over the years, Executive Elevator has helped me get promoted from personal banking officer to Chief Operating Officer of the bank. They bring so much to the table in regard to resume writing, interview preparation and follow-up - all much overlooked skills needed to move up the executive ranks. I consider them a key partner in my long-term career development strategy."
Paul B.
Chief operating officer, local community bank, Willmar, MN

"After getting my degree, I realized that I needed a lot: an updated resume, cover letter, interview preparation and help with follow-up communications. Executive Elevator met with me in order to assess the situation, and came up with an amazing (and specific) game plan. With their help I was able to effectively articulate my value during interviews and was able to move my career forward in a big way. Check them out...their process works!"
Roberto G.
Financial services industry analyst, New York City, NY

"Brilliant work - and very quick and friendly service. The time difference between the US and Australia was a non-issue, and I received great guidance and insight that made the job search and interview process a lot easier. Executive Elevator saved me a lot of time and hassle...I highly recommend them...they're well worth the investment."
Giovanni G.
Private school development director, Sydney, Australia

"Very impressive! Executive Elevator made me think of ways to better position myself, both in writing and in person, which has helped me to move my career forward. Excellent resource!"
Lance D.
VP, home & consumer credit/national program manager, Minneapolis, MN

"Total value-add! I was impressed with Executive Elevator's collection of communication tools I could use before, during and after the interview process. Their 'Summary of Qualifications' and 'Action Plan' templates positioned me perfectly, and raised the bar among all candidates. They understand the mind-set of hiring manager, as well as candidate, which makes a huge difference. A small investment that pays for itself 10-fold!"
Nancy M.
Commercial banking industry marketing manager, Minneapolis, MN

"Although I'm very happy in my current company and position, every once in a while a terrific new opportunity comes along and I'm torn about what to do. Executive Elevator's 'Decision Matrix' tool makes the process of comparing competing offers surprisingly simple and efficient. Great stuff!"
Dan S.
VP of marketing, online media company, San Francisco, CA

"I was impressed with how easy it was to work with Executive Elevator remotely, via e-mail. They were great to work with - and the 'resume revamp' process was highly collaborative. They understand the perspective of both the hiring manager and job-hunter, and the creative (and realistic) ideas they brought to the table really paid off."
Martin L.
Financial services marketing manager, Beijing, China

"I was in dire need of resume help in order to land my first professional job out of college. Although I started with just a rough list of previous jobs, after a few quick meetings I came away with an awesome resume that positioned me as a perfect candidate. Within a couple of weeks I got a great new job and hit the ground running with my career - and I owe it all to the great help and guidance I received from Executive Elevator!"
Justin O.
Credit account representative, regional bank, Marshall, MN

"The help Executive Elevator provided me in preparing for a round of interviews with a bunch of difficult personalities made a huge difference in getting an offer. Plus they armed me with a resume that was fresh, wonderfully written and laid out in a unique way that separated me from the pack. Pursuing a new job can be somewhat scary...but Executive Elevator made it fun and effective. Give 'em a try!"
Suzanne P.
Internet services group senior executive assistant, San Francisco, CA

"Very insightful and creative ideas about how to get in front of certain hiring managers...with very responsive and friendly service. I continue to rely on Executive Elevator to help me better leverage my background and expertise. Great methodology: a very structured-yet-creative approach to getting the job you want."
Chris W.
Financial client services consultant, Des Moines, IA

"After some tough interviews, Executive Elevator walked me through how to draft a set of great follow-up communications - including a 'first 90-days on the job' plan of attack that really impressed the hiring manager and separated me from the other candidates. Their thought process and arsenal of tools really work!"
Anthony T.
e-business product manager, Minneapolis, MN

"What a breathe of fresh air - a career consultant who focuses on specific action and results, instead of vague theory and gibberish. My career has really taken off since I partnered with Executive Elevator. They really bring a unique perspective to the hiring process and it works wonders. Plus they're fun to work with, too!"
Mara M.
Learning & development-training consultant, San Francisco, CA

"I hadn't proactively looked for a job in several years, and had no idea how to even begin. Executive Elevator met with me to understand my situation and what I was interested in pursuing...and then quickly (and patiently) provided me with the tools, guidance and confidence necessary to land my dream job! One of the best investments in myself that I have made in a long time."
Sharon K.
Client account representative, healthcare industry, San Diego, CA

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