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Resume Development and/or Revamp

Whether you're a seasoned executive pursuing a specific opportunity, a new professional entering the corporate world for the first time, or someone in-between: let Executive Elevator provide you with an amazing resume that will effectively market your value and separate you from the pack.

Opportunity + Effective Marketing of Your Value = Success

Reality Check!

An effective resume is not a laundry list of everything you've ever accomplished.
The primary objective of a resume is to get you an interview. You can expand on your accomplishments later, during the interview process.
Assume a maximum 30-second attention span of the end-reader. What do you want them to comprehend and remember within just 30 seconds?
The "look" of your resume is key. Does it resemble everyone else's? When it's difficult to differentiate between candidates, hiring managers resort to anything (even subconsciously) to help separate one resume from another.

Executive Elevator Can Help

What You Need
What You Get
A way to effectively...

Market your value.

Grab the hiring manager's attention.

An amazing new resume
Tailored to your unique background, experience and opportunity you're pursuing.
Including 3-5 sound bites about your overall value: your "personal branding theme" throughout the interview process.
A powerful new cover letter template
Including creative ideas about how to get your resume into the hands of each hiring manager.
A compelling new or revamped LinkedIn.com profile

Invest in your long-term success!
Let Executive Elevator help take your career to the next level.


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