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Pre-interview Research and Preparation

Whether you're a seasoned executive, a new professional, or someone in-between: let Executive Elevator help you get the interview, prepare for the interview, and help you shine throughout the process.

Opportunity + Preparation = Success

Reality Check!

Hiring managers don't want to hear typical "canned" responses to their interview questions.
Hiring managers also don't want to hear the same "canned" questions from you during the interview.
It's amazing what you can learn about your interviewers using public information. Leveraging this knowledge appropriately (without coming across as a stalker) will pay huge dividends before, during and after the interview.

Executive Elevator Can Help

What You Need
What You Get
An arsenal of tools and information to help you...

Get the interview.

Impress the interview team.

Separate you from other candidates.

Creative ways to research both the company and specific interviewers ahead of time.
A set of intelligent interview questions refreshingly different from other candidates.
A unique "Summary of Qualifications" document, matching required job skills with your specific expertise.
A "New Hire Business Case", enabling you to shop your own job description to target companies as a way to uncover and pursue "unadvertised" openings.

Invest in your long-term success!
Let Executive Elevator help take your career to the next level.


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