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Post-interview Follow-up and Negotiation

Whether you're a seasoned executive, a new professional or someone in-between: let Executive Elevator help you execute an impressive follow-up communication plan that will "wow" the hiring management team, separate you completely from the other candidates, and get you the job.

Opportunity + Effective Follow-up = Success

Reality Check!

Most candidates will e-mail a "thank you" to each interviewer. But there are better, more "personal" ways to communicate that will separate you from the pack.
Hiring managers are busy and don't want to hear from you non-stop after an interview while they're trying to make a decision. Part of an effective follow-up plan is an effective "flow" and timing of each communication.
The interview and decision process includes how you follow-up. Communicate as though you're being tested - because you are!

Executive Elevator Can Help

What You Need
What You Get
An effective flow of communication while hiring decisions are being made, which will...

Position you as a proactive leader.

Help the hiring manager envision you in the role.

Further separate you from other candidates.

Get you the job.

Post-interview "Thank You" card verbiage.
A "Professional References" document, created in a unique and professional way.
A "Preliminary Action Plan" document, mapping out how you would attack the role during your first 30-60-90 days on the job.
A proprietary "Decision-Making Tool," which will guide you through a quick and easy way to "score" different opportunities using a weighted average of multiple criteria.
An action plan to help you market yourself during salary and benefit negotiations, including...

Research regarding your value relative to the market and industry.

Communications to help position you as a "must-have" employee.

Support and guidance throughout the negotiation process.

A "Salary & Benefits Discussion Document" mapping out your specific requirements along with solid rationale that will justify the company's investment in you.
Additional communications as needed to help drive productive compensation-related discussion with decision-makers.
$50 per hour
One-on-one guidance regarding how to effectively present your case, enabling you to "push the right buttons" and fully leverage your expertise.

Invest in your long-term success!
Let Executive Elevator help take your career to the next level.


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