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About Executive Elevator

Executive Elevator Career Consulting, LLC specializes in career consulting guidance and specific, actionable tactical assistance in regard to three key (although oftentimes overlooked) components of the career development and job search process:

 Resume development and/or revamp;
 Pre-interview research and preparation; and
 Post-interview follow-up and negotiation.

Although physically located in New York City, clients are welcome from any geographic location. Given today's technology, many of the company's relationships are managed virtually (online and over the phone); current clientele includes a variety of different people from coast to coast and throughout multiple industries and levels of professional experience.

The company's current arsenal of value-add communication tools, templates and processes has been tested and honed over several years and has proven to be highly successful in practice (see "Testimonials" to hear from recent clients). Examples include, but are not limited to:

A very unique resume format and way of positioning your collective expertise that will stand out relative to the competition;
Creative ways to research both your target company and key contacts that will enable you to optimize preparation and shine throughout the interview process; and
Creative and professional follow-up communications that will "wow" the hiring managers and separate you completely from the long line of other candidates.

Executive Elevator's president and founder, Mark J. Barrett (left), has 20 years of solid experience moving methodically up the corporate ladder. Although he started his professional career as a teller at a small community bank, he eventually moved up to become a vice president of marketing and communications for one of America's largest and most respected financial services companies. An award-winning published author within the banking industry, Mr. Barrett is also well-regarded as an effective hiring manager and over the years has built a very successful track record leading, mentoring and motivating diverse team members. Executive Elevator's philosophy of "marketing yourself up the corporate ladder" combines two of Mr. Barrett's core business passions: career development and effective communication. This combination makes what the company has to offer so effective in today's competitive hiring environment.

Invest in your long-term success!
Let Executive Elevator help take your career to the next level.


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